Quality Management

Quality Management

Our quality management system fulfils the requirements of the IFS (International Featured Standard), Version 6. The International Featured Standards define globally applied standards in the following categories: Food, Logistics, Household and Personal Care (HPC), Broker, and Cash & Carry/Wholesale. Motivated by increasingly stringent consumer expectations, globalized commodity flows and an elevated risk of damage claims, the IFS provides retailers and manufacturers with an internationally uniform system of coherent quality assurance, incorporating regulated audit procedures. By applying the IFS, manufacturers not only ensure the production of high quality and safe goods but also improve existing internal processes. This leads to general savings, improved customer relations and higher competitiveness. According to a comprehensive study by the University of Rostock, IFS-certified companies can show an impressive reduction of up to 17% in food recalls.

Based on the simple notion that prevention is better than cure, the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is a proactive process control system to ensure food quality. The system consists of:

  • Hazard analysis
  • Identifying critical control points (CCP)
  • Monitoring CCP requirements
  • Verification and controlling processes

We maintain an HACCP system that has been constructed in accordance with the Codex Alimentarius. Therein, we commit ourselves to avoiding the use of all genetically modified organisms, and of raw materials that have been made with the help of genetically modified microorganisms. Supplying our consumers with high quality products and the highest level of enjoyment stands at the core of our efforts.

The Jewish dietary laws are based on the laws of the Torah. Kosher means “proper” or “pure” and when applied to food, it indicates that an item is fit for consumption according to Jewish Law. To be certified kosher, all ingredients in every product – and the process of preparing the product – must be certified as kosher compliant.

A rabbi appraises the Cavendish & Harvey production process and the ingredients used to manufacture our confectionery once a year. Thereafter we are issued with kosher certification.

According to Jewish law, Cavendish & Harvey Confectionery may be consumed.

In Islam, halal is an Arabic term meaning “lawful or permissible” and not only encompasses food and drink, but all matters of daily life. The opposite of halal is haram, which means unlawful or prohibited.

The Cavendish & Harvey production process and the ingredients used to manufacture our confectionery were appraised for the first time in 2015 and subsequently issued with halal certification.

According to Islamic Sharia law, Cavendish & Harvey Confectionery may be consumed.